Neighbourhood Plan

The Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031 was formally ‘made’ (adopted) on 25 February 2020.  It is a statutory development plan document for West Suffolk Council and Newmarket Town Council’s Development & Planning Committee.

The plan is a material consideration within the parish of Newmarket for planning application purposes.  It was formulated by a Steering Group commissioned by Newmarket Town Council and contains 32 Policies and 57 Community Actions.

NTC has set up a NNP Committee to progress the Community Actions in accordance with the Policies.

The NNP Committee meets on the second monday of each month and members of the public are welcome –  indeed  encouraged – to attend and participate, whether on behalf of any organisation or in a private capacity.

The intention of this Committee and the Council is to action the NNP and protect and promote the best interests of the whole of the Town.

There may be different views on how this is best achieved BUT we can hopefully arrive at a consensus in the best interests of ALL.

The basic intention of this and other committees AND the Council is to make Newmarket a good place to live, to work and to visit.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms or complaints about the NNP, please mail to

This is your Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Policies

Neighbourhood Plan Community Actions