Memorial Garden Masterplan

Funding our Project

The project is being funded by a number of funding streams. Newmarket Town Council is funding a considerable amount of the project and an application has been made to the Public Works Loans Board for an amount of up to £180,000.  We are seeking funding from all avenues and are applying for grants.   We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas to help us fund this fantastic project, please email

Regeneration of the secret gardens in the heart of Newmarket

Tucked behind the King Edward VII Memorial Hall,  the gardens have been open to the public since 1911 when the site was kindly donated to the Town by Sir Ernest Cassell for the use of its residents.

Since 1999, the gardens have been managed by Newmarket Town Council.

The gardens are popular and well used, but their current condition is tired and in very poor repair.  Pieces of equipment have been removed for safety reasons in recent years and the gardens are not serving the residents well.

Aims with the Memorial Gardens

We aim to make a Garden that will:

Create an imaginative, fun and safe place with free open access for all.

Create different inspiring play opportunities and experiences for a range of age groups and abilities.

Acknowledge and enhance the local character and heritage of the site and surrounding area.

Be designed to be natural and sympathetic to the surroundings.

Include an area of green space for leisure, toilet facilities
 and space for a small kiosk / coffee shop.

Include a water play element.

Create a public space in the heart of Newmarket  that makes Newmarket a better place to live and visit

Big Changes Ahead

The overall theme for the new gardens is Castles and Royalty.

Newmarket’s association with royalty and horse racing dates back to the 17th century as well as the site itself, which was once owned by King Edward VII.

Consultation with local school children brought forward strong ideas of castles, mythical creatures, imaginative play and activity at different levels.

There is a commitment to create a space with natural elements and materials to create a cohesive design that delivers a play space and garden that are appealing to all ages.



Soft Landscaping

The design incorporates robust planting within the playground for sensory quality and perennial planting for seasonal colour. Beautiful scenery will be planted to brighten up the Garden and make it more appealing to the design of the park.


Hard Landscaping

The work to replace these requires the scraping back of the current paths, reusing the edging stones and resurfacing with asphalt. The proposals are for  natural coloured pathways that enhance the gardens and complement the play area scheme and design.


Play Equipment

Where it is possible, the existing equipment will be refurbished and retained but some will be revamped to allow more climbing and exploring opportunities.


Water Play Equipment

The Water Splash Pad will be totally renovated, but will take advantage of the existing infrastructure; with the existing boulders being included in the design to create a natural play spaces. There are DDA compliant footplates which allow water to be available on demand, whilst also conserving water.