Mission Statement

1.  Newmarket Town Council will fulfil its legal responsiblities and uphold the democratic process.

2.  Newmarket Town Council will strive to improve the quality of life of the people of Newmarket, through the provision of services, activities and events.

3.  Newmarket Town Council is committed to providing a forum for discussion and decision making and a platform to represent the interests of the people of Newmarket. 

4.  Newmarket Town Council is committed in supporting the economic vibrancy of the town including the town centre.

5.  Newmarket Town Council is committed to promoting environmentally friendly policies

6.  Newmarket Town Council is committed to the continued professional development of its Councillors and Officers of the Council 


All other committees meet monthly, with Development & Planning meeting twice a month, with the exception of August and December

All meetings are held at the Memorial Hall and members of the general public are welcome to attend.

Copies of the Agenda will be available from the Town Council Office in the Memorial Hall or the Town Council website five (5) days before each Meeting.


Development & Planning:  1st & 3rd Monday of the month,  6.00pm

Community Services:  1st Monday of the month,  7.15pm

Leisure Services:  2nd Monday of the month,  6.00pm

Employment & Staffing: Dates and times to be confirmed

Finance & Policy:  3rd Monday of the month,  7.15pm

Town Council:  4th Monday of the month,  7.00pm