Volunteer Job Advert

Newmarket Town Council is advertising for a volunteer Tree Champion.
This is a volunteer role and the Newmarket Town Council will support the successful candidate with training and some expenses. The volunteer would also become a member of the Suffolk Tree Warden Network and have association with The Tree Council.

Some of the activities include:

-Championing local trees
-Planting and caring for trees, including community woods and orchards
-Setting up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally
-Surveying trees and gathering information about them
-Involving local people in tree projects
-Working with local schools or groups to develop imaginative projects to encourage others to value the community’s trees and woods.
-Getting together with like-minded people for training, exchanging ideas, field trips, ect.
-Providing early warnings of threats, disease and vandalism
-Spearhead Tree Council initiatives, such as tackling Ash die-back

Further information and application pack available from TCM@newmarket.gov.uk

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