Tender for the kiosk in the Memorial Gardens

We are looking for a new tender for the kiosk in the Memorial Gardens!

Tenders are invited to sell coffee, soft drinks, ice-creams, sweets and light refreshments from the kiosk in the Memorial Gardens, Newmarket. The kiosk has an outdoor seating area and can accommodate a small number inside.  Other merchandise may be considered as part of a structured business plan.

The concession to operate as a minimum from 1 April to 31st October

The Town Council does reserve the right to accept or reject any tender.
Tender forms and conditions of operation are obtainable from: Newmarket Town Council, The King Edward VII Memorial Hall, Newmarket, CB8 8JP
Email: tcm@newmarket.gov.uk

Offers in a sealed envelope marked “Ice Cream Kiosk Tender” to be received in the council offices by noon on 24th February 2019

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