Advice for parents/carers of children and young people

Online sources of help for young people and parents/carers include: is a free, safe and anonymous online chat where young people (11-18 yrs) can find someone to talk to when you need it.

Living Life to the Full for Young People
You are being asked to wash your hands, not touch your face, stay home, and keep at least 2 metres from people if you go out to exercise. This is being asked of you even though most young people will be fine. By doing it you will save lives, and contribute something to society that is really meaningful.
– Suffolk Mind
-Young Minds
-Mental Health Foundation
If you are a parent of young children, you may be wondering how you are going to keep your sanity without resorting to using the electronic nannies that are online games and the usual You Tube fare full time. Here are some ideas to keep your little ones entertained and maybe yourself too!
1) How to make Playdough in a slow cooker
2) Games
3) Child Friendly Podcasts
4) Virtual Museum and National Parks Tours
5) Educational videos
– Physics girl:
– African wildlife:

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