Medieval Market

To accommodate the blast from the past, the High street road will be closed and the parking will be suspended from 9am to 6pm

To have a fun-filled day there will be a variety of stalls along the High Street:

Medieval Forger

A Medieval forger will be in operation and will produce metal work of the period. The forge will contain a large bellows used in the period and members of the public will be able to see the blacksmith at work using traditional tools and methods.

Fletcher and arrow making

Medieval fletcher will make arrows for use with the longbow. A variety of different types of Medieval arrows and arrowheads will be on display and he public will be able to handle the arrows and learn about Medieval warfare.

Candle making 

A large array of different traditional children’s games will include post-mills, hobby horses, peg dolls, ball and cup, stilts, quoits and nine men morris. Children will be able to experience and use various types of toys and games available during the Medieval.

Medieval Scribe

Children activities writing their name and talking about documents

Barber Surgeon

Discover about health and disease from the Medieval surgeon. The day will comprise our surgeon demonstration how wounds and diseases were treated, using traditional methods and practices of the period. Discover about bloodletting and come and see the ‘’leech’’. A full and fascinating day for all the family.


The potter will make period pottery from a wooden wheel used hundreds of year ago. He will make various styles of pottery that would have been used in the Medieval period

Butter making

Medieval butter will be made in a simple way that can be used at home in this interactive workshop. Children can also participant in mixing the butter and learn more about the process of production. Includes all material.


Dying cloths and other items during the Medieval period. The dyer will prepare various colours and the variety of colours available during the period. A display that will educate and entertain members of the public.

Pole Lathe Turning

A professional pole-lathe turner make furniture of the period using a man-powered pole-lathe. We will find out about furniture of the period and the cost of producing chairs and tables in the Medieval period

Great Wheel spinning 

Come to discover about the wool trade and spinning using a medieval great wheel. Wool will be spun suing this fascination piece and machinery. A fascinating experience to discover more about yarns, wool, clothing and Medieval fashion

Pilgrim Badge Making

Medieval pilgrim badges will be made using traditional methods of casting pewter in moulds of the period. A brazier will be used as a heat source.

Medieval Musicians

An amazing array of Medieval music and instruments will be played throughout the day. The performers are available as either walkabout entertainment of static with a period tent.

What Else Is Happening?